Botox isn't lifting my inner brows? Had Botox in procerus and outer orbicularis muscles.

I have been having Botox for 2 years trying to get a brow lift. My doctor injects into the frown lines and my outer orbicularis. My outer brow lifts but the inner brow won't, I can no longer frown, but no lift. I look like a Disney villain; my arches and outer brow have gone up, my inner brow hasn't, but I really want the whole brow to lift. Would injecting into the inner orbicularis muscle near my nose (since it pulls down), lift my inner brow? Or will it make my brow droop?

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Botox and Brow Lift

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Botox is great for lifting the brow but if you have a great deal of extra skin on the upper eyelids you may need a blepharoplasty.  This is an advanced Botox technique and special care must be used.  Best, Dr. Green

Botox eye lift

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Botox is one weapon of an arsenal against anti-ageing. Given the fact that you can not frown I am assuming that your doctor has injected in both the procerus and corrugator muscles.  Consequently I feel you have reached the limit to what can be achieved from Botox with regards to medial lift. Given you have a lateral raise of the eyebrows a couple of injections in the temporalis muscle can correct this with ease.

Botox close to the eyes

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Thank you for your question.Botox close to the eyes is risky, because you are at higher risk for drooping of the brow, and if the botox gets into your levator, you may not be able to lift your upper eyelid. Best not to get too close to the brow and upper eyelid. If your arches have gone up, a small amount of botox about 1 cm above your arch peak will help make it less prominent. Best of luck to you...

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Botox to lift inner brow

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Thank you for asking about your inner brow lift.
  • The corrugator muscle complex is what pulls down your inner brow.
  • If only your procerus has been injected, your inner brow won't lift.
  • Ask the doctor treating you to have you scowl - and inject the corrugator muscles between your brows.
  • Injection usually stops at the inner brow - to avoid too much inner  brow lift  which can create and angry look.
  • Botox should never be injected above the mid-brow - it will make the eye lid itself droop.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Botox brow lift

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Thank you for your question Chippers89. Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression. Botox can be used to address the position of the brown. In order to understand how this is done one needs to understand how Botox works. Botox works by relaxing muscles. The muscle that lifts the brows (frontalis) is located above the brows on the forehead. Relaxing this muscle, particularly with low injection points, can bring the brows down and make it feel heavy. In order to lift the brows one needs to relax the muscles that pull the down. These are the glabella complex (between the brows) and the lateral orbicularis oculi (at the corners of the brows). When Botox is placed in these areas, the muscles relax and the brow will go up. If the amount of the lift is not enough, more units can be added in these areas. Sometimes when this is done a peaked brow appearance is seen. This can be corrected with a small amount of Botox placed on the upper forehead just above the point of the peak. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Botox injection results

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Great question. You describe a lower inner brow giving you a "villain" appearance. I believe this probably do to the Botox diffusing into the frontalis muscle and causing the medial parts of the brow to drop. There are many ways to raise the brow including tailored injections of the frontalis muscle and orbicularis muscle. I recommend uploading a series of photographs with your face at rest and with animation. I also recommend discussing your concerns with an experienced injector. Good luck!


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Lifting the medial brow with Botox is possible but is limited.  If you truly want a medial browlift, I would recommend consulting an experienced surgeon for an endoscopic browlift.  I would be careful about getting injected too near your eyelid with Botox because of possible ptosis.Wish you the best!!

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