I have some acne scarring from boils in the past that have left indents, is a 20% TCA peel right for me? (Photo)

I want to do an at home tca 20% peel. I want to know if I can do a section of my face at a time? Since it is so painful. I wanted to start with a 20% since I have a lot of scarring...I am nervous about doing this but I am doing my homework and I will have all the necessary products needed for aftercare.. I want to know if I can do sections of my face at a time. Also do you think a 20% tca peel is the right choice for me? Thanks so much!

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Facial scars: Is TCA peel right for me?

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When it comes to scars from acne or otherwise I typically require a personalized consultation.  We have so reliable and safe options for facial (and body) scars including TCA and other chemical peels as well as lasers and microneedling.  Whether or not a 20% TCA is safe for a patient to do at home is questionable.  My suggestion would be to have a consultation with a licensed or certified practioner from whom you have gotten a referral for. At our practice we customize our consultations to meet the unique needs of our individual patients and have strict safety guidelines and safety protocols.Hope this helps. Good luck.

TCA Is not good for Acne scars

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Hi Mrs. Torres and thank you for your photos.  TCA peels are great for variety of skin issues and may be helpful with mild acne scarring but based on your photo, your scars are slightly deeper. If you were my patient, I would recommend the latest gold standard treatment for acne scars called PicoSure Scar eraser, which gives you no downtime, is virtually painless and gives you an over all skin rejuvenation at the same time treating your facial scars and tightening the skin. It may even be combined with micro needling . Please have an expert consultation in your area, for the best options. Best, Dr.Avaliani

Treating acne scars

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Thank you for your question mrs.torres. Chemical peels are used to enhance the appearance of the face. TCA is a prescription-strength product that should be applied by a licensed medical professional. For my patients with acne scars I find that fractional CO2 lasers work best. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations.  Good luck!

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