Is drinking too much soda prior to a mommy makeover harmful?

I drink soda all the time, Pepsi, Rootbeer, Coke and very addicted....I am having a mommy makeover in 4 months. I am taking vitamins daily but rarely drink water :(

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Not part of a healthy diet

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While soda isn’t really a contraindication of surgery, it’s not really part of a healthy diet - which is something you should be following to prepare your body for surgery. You should discuss this with your surgeon who would be better able to provide an opinion. 

A healthier alternative to soda is natural fruit juice mixed with carbonated spring water. Why don’t you try that? It has far less sugar and artificial ingredients.

Nutrition is critical

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Key factors in the healing of any wound are nutrition and vitamin supplements.  There are specially formulated vitamins that are designed to optimize your healing that we use from Vitamedica.  In addition, we use Arnica and Bromelian to reduce the swelling and bruising.  Before and after surgery, nutrition is a key component that is overlooked by almost every patient and surgeon.  After the operation, your calorie and protein requirements are increased.  We design a nutritional regimen for each patient which is provided to them during the preoperative teaching.  In order to meet the calorie and protein requirements after surgery, the patients typically supplement using protein shakes.  Calorie and protein intake are recorded on a log that we provide and review at the postoperative visits.  The combination of homeopathic medicines, vitamins supplementation, and adequate calorie and protein intake are critical to the wound healing process.  Prior to surgery, we ask the patients to stop all of their own supplements as some can cause problems with bleeding during and after surgery.

Mommy makeover

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Thank you for your question.  It is always best to first discuss any questions or concerns with your operating surgeon first as each surgeon has their own unique set of preoperative guidelines for their patients to adhere too, drinking soda technically should not be detrimental to you prior to your procedure.

With kind regards,
Lane F. Smith, M.D., F.A.A.C.S., F.A.O.H.N.S., F.A.B.F.P.R.S.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Lane Smith, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Dr Derby

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Thank you for your question. it is important to live a healthy diet before and after surgery and soda is not really a part of that.Try to at least substitute the sodas for fresh fruit juices if you are not a big fan of water. Best of luck 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

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Thanks for this question.A mommy makeover is a significant procedure. It's very important that your body is ready for surgery. This means a healthy diet, being physically fit and only taking substances ( supplements, vitamins and medications ) that your body really needs:I think it would be better to reduce your soda intake and also the number of supplements you are on. If you cannot then at least inform your Plastic Surgeon.

Yes, but it has nothing to do with them surgery

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Drinking large amounts of soda is bad for you, period, full stop. Bad for your teeth.  Bad for your blood sugar.  Bad for your weight.  It's just bad all around.
As a Canadian Royal CollegeCollege certified plastic surgeon, I am always conscious of the fact that I am a physician, not just a plastic surgeon.  Because of that, the health of my patients is just as important to me as the way they look.  As such, I would strongly advise you to cut down the amount of soda you drink.  It's going to make you sick, as well as fatAs for how it will affect your mommy won't.I hope this helps.
Dr. Robert Shenker MD FRCSC

Preparing for surgery

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Drinking soda is not harmful when preparing for surgery.  You do want to optimize your health though to help your body through recovery.  Hydrating with water and eating a healthy balanced diet is recommended.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 36 reviews

Drinking soda in and of itself not a problem....

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Drinking significant amounts of soda is not in and of itself a problem before surgery.  While ingestion of some substances like alcohol can affect how you metabolize your anesthesia, excess soda will only affect your overall health.  You don't specify how much soda you are drinking daily but it is important to note that regular soda has a very high amount of processed sugar.  If part of your mommy makeover include liposuction or any other removal of fat, the best way to assure the fat doesn't come back would include dropping the soda.  Overall it is important to be healthy prior to any surgical procedure.  You may to consult with a nutritionist prior to your surgery and see where you stand in regards to your overall nutritional health.  
Best of luck. 

Melinda Haws, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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I don't think that a lot of soda (pop or coke --depending on where you are) will hurt you preoperatively, however, hydration is extremely important postop.   For the first week or so postop you will have extreme fluid shifts and really need to drink a lot of water or non sugar sports hydration type drinks.  I can not stress hydration enough postop.  Good luck, Jane

Drinks Prior to Mommy Makeover

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It would be best to discuss directly with your surgeon and anesthesiologist as to the potential risks of heavy soda drinking before your surgery. It is usually recommended to drink nothing at all the same day of your procedure, starting at midnight, but it would be up to your doctors specifically as to whether a change in your beverage patter is needed a significant amount of time before surgery. Good luck!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

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