I have a keloid on my ear. Can I get IPL hair removal?

i have a keloid on my ear following a piercing but a large tattoo on my back hasnt caused keloid scarring. Can i get laser hair removal?

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IPL and keloid

IPL does not pierce the skin so you shouldn't have any problems with regard to keloid scarring.   I agree that a test spot would be a good idea beforehand, just to be sure.

San Diego Physician
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Keloid hait removal

The keloid is formed from the piercing where there was an actual hole i nthe skin. The hair removal should not affect you in the same way. I think it would be ok to do hair removal. To be safe I would do a couple of test spots  in non visible areas and see how you react. If there is no negative reaction , then I would go ahead with the laser. Keep watching though with each treatment, you obviously have reactive skin.

Cynthia Stolovitz, MD
Montreal Physician
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