Dysport Recovery

I'm considering getting Dysport but I want to know what the typical recovery is like. Is a couple of hours enough? Or will there be bruising or swelling that will require a longer downtime?

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Dysport recovery

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Dysport is similar to Botox where there is no recovery time. I do recommend not laying down for at least 4 hours after the treatment and no exercise the day of. With any injections there is always a chance of bruising, but to help lessen the chances stay away from blood thinners for a few days leading up to the appointment and arnica can help lessen the chances as well.

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Dysport Recovery

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Most patients resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. There is usually no discomfort after the procedure. Unfortunately, some patients may experience some bruising that can last several days or longer. This is uncommon when treating the frown lines and is more common when treating the Crow's feet.

Robert S. Bader, MD, FAAD
Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dysport Recovery Time

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At Contour MedSpa, we have many clients with fantastic results using Dysport.  It's a great option for those who want to decrease signs of aging but still have some movement in their face. 

In general, this is a quick "lunchtime" treatment.  We do provide ice packs after treatment if necessary, but typically there is no bruising, swelling or bleeding.  If you bruise easily or you take blood thinning medications, you may have minimal bruising in the treatment area, but that would be gone in 1-2 days. With our Injectable skin rejuvenation treatments, we recommend no vigorous exercise for 24 hours. This just ensures that the Dysport doesn't travel outside of the treatment area.  

Michael Ghim, MD, MBA
Greensboro Physician

Dysport Recovery

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Thanks for your question.  There is typically no recovery or downtime after Dysport injections.  If you tend to bruise or are taking any blood thinning agents then you may have some bruising at the injections sites that will resolve within a few days.  In my practice we provide ice packs after injection to minimize bruising or swelling.  We also advise no vigorous exercise or bending with your head down for 24 hours.  This will assure the muscle blocking agent (Dysport) does not travel outside of the intended injected sites.

Steven Zoellner, MD
Pinehurst Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport Recovery

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Recovery after Dysport injections is simple. Most patients will have very little to no bruising. Some small amount of swelling will be apparent immediately after the injections, but this goes away within just a few minutes in almost all patients. 

My patients are instructed to refrain from physical activity for 3-4 hours after injections, and to avoid inverting the head and rubbing or massaging the face until the next day. Otherwise, patients can resume their normal activities and gently re-apply any makeup immediately after the injections.

All the best,

Matthew Richardson, MD
Frisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dysport Recovery

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After any injection it is common to have redness and pinpoint swelling/bleeding at the injection site.  Sometimes patients will also experience bruising. These side-effects can be reduced if patients discontinue the use of blood thinning medications and supplements 3-4 days prior to injections. I apply arnica topically post-procedure for my patients.  I also ask patients to avoid laying down for several hours post-injection and to avoid contracting the muscles where the product was injected.  Other day to day activities can be resumed immediately.

Vu Ho, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No Down-time Recovery with Dysport

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Like the more well known Botox® brand,Dysport® is an injectable used to temporarily improve the look of frown lines without changing the look of your whole face. The untreated facial muscles still work normally, allowing you to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling, in untreated areas. Over time, the use of muscles above and between the eyebrows cause wrinkles. Injecting Dysport® into these areas, blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, reducing muscle activity. The result is temporary softening or elimination of visible wrinkles/lines.

Besides the visible wanted effects of the treatment, little swelling or bruising should be apparent after a treatment.

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Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Easy Recovery from Dysport

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.Injecting Dysport®  blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, reducing muscle activity. The result is temporary softening or elimination of visible wrinkles/lines.

The best way to avoid the side effects of bruising and swelling is to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or Omega-3s for several days before your treatment. We also recommend a homeopathic oral tablet, Arnica, to help reduce the degree and length of time of bruising.

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Downtime for Dysport

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There really isn't any recovery time for Dysport.  I ask my patients to ice the areas we inject and avoid exercising the day of the injection to minimize swelling.  Much like Botox, Dysport is administered using a similar technique.  As such, the risk of bruising and swelling should be the same as a previous Botox injection.

If this is your first time getting Dysport, the vast majority of patients have mild redness and swelling for 2-6 hours.  Bruising is very rare, but if you do get a bruise, it is usually pinpoint in nature.

Mike Majmundar, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No Downtime for Dysport

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There is no downtime and no "recovery time" is needed after Dysport injections. Usually, there is minimal redness that subsides within 5-10 minutes after the injections. As with any needle injection procedure, there is a slight risk of bruising.

Mary E. Hurley, MD
Dallas Dermatologist

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