Do I Really Need Double Dysport to Get Same Effect of Botox?

I was told that I need double 50 units of Dysport to get the same effect of 25 units of Botox. Is this true or is the place I called trying to get me pay more since Dysport is 3.99 a unit and Botox is 9.50 a unit?

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2x Dysport = ??

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Though there is no exact conversion for Botox to Dysport units, it is generally accepted that patients will need 2.5-3 units of Dysport per 1 unit of what they are telling you is not unusual or an attempt to charge you too fact they may be under-estimating how much they need.


Muscle Relaxant Units Differ

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Hi Kerig, and thanks for your question!

Whilst muscle-relaxant products are all measured in 'units', a unit of one product is not the same as a unit of another. The reason for this lies in the way that the different manufacturing companies define the measure of a unit - there is no agreed-upon/standardised measurement for defining what is a 'unit' of a muscle relaxant product. For that reason different products require differing doses to achieve the same results in an individual. These conversion ratios are not completely predictable, however many of my colleagues here have indicated rough conversion ratios that have been estimated through a number of laboratory and clinical studies.

Hope this helps!

Dr Scott.

Double Dysport?

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Most injectors will consider 2.5 - 3 Dysport units to be equivalent to 3 Botox units. So, 25 units of Botox would be roughly equivalent to 75 units of Dysport. While this is not an exact conversion rate, only 2 times the number of Botox units would typically be an inadequate number of Dysport units to achieve the same result.

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Double Dysport to get same effect as Botox

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Thank you for your question about Dysport.  Yes, it is typical that it may take 2-3 times as much Dysport as it takes Botox to get the same result.  For that reason, Dysport is typically priced at a much lower dollar per unit price than Botox.  The prices and amounts you were quoted are typical.

To be sure, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment.

I hope this helps.


Dosing of Botox vs Dysport

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Thank you for your question. There are 100 units in a vial of Botox. In a vial of Dysport, there are 300 units. Most practices will charge the same amount for Botox and Dysport, the number of units will differ. If you are paying $300 for 1 treatment area of Botox, it should be an equal dollar amount for Dysport treatment in that same area. The number of units will differ in this example. In our practice, and many others, we do this so the practitioner and patient can make a decision on which to use based on the desired outcome, not price.

Yes, more units of Dysport are needed to get the same effect as Botox.

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Yes, more units of Dysport are needed to get the same effect as Botox. In fact the ratio is slightly higher than double, at 2.5 or 3:1. Usually the prices will end up being comparable, since Dysport is cheaper per unit than Botox but you need more units of it. 

Jordan Fabrikant, DO
San Diego Dermatologist

Dysport vs Botox dosing

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The common conversions used by physicians between Dysport and Botox is 2.5 units of Dysport for every Botox unit, or 3 units of Dysport for every one unit of Botox.

another way to say this is that ~50 units of Dysport is needed to treat the frown lines  to get a similar effect as 20 units of Botox. 

Based on this, I would say they may even be under treating you.

Amount of Dysport vs Botox

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Dysport comes in 300 unit vials and Botox comes in 100 unit vials. The conversion of the units is what may make it seem like you need more Dysport, but it should not really make a big difference in pricing. An experienced injector will know exactly how much Dyport/Botox to use in each area so that you do not have to worry about the conversion of units between the 2 products.

Double Dysport Dose to Equal Botox?

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All of the injectable companies tell you that the dosages are not equivalent.  The FDA has approved treatment of the area between the eyes with Dysport with a common dose of 50 units.  The same area has been approved for a common dose or 20 units of Botox.  Different injectors will dilute and inject differently.  The most important thing is not the price.  Please see an experienced and well trained injector.

Dysport to Botox equivalency

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There is not exact equivalency between a botox unit and a dyport unit. However, the general experience is that you will need 2.5 - 3 units of dyport for 1 unit of botox. For that reason, there is no significant cost savings for the patient to have dysport.

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