Can endymed RF with microneedling metabolize facial fat?

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Fat lies very deep in the skin, however....

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OK, most of us would use RF at a conservative depth, depending on the area targeted. 2-3 mm, fat lies deeper in most areas, however on your forehead for example, I normally would use a 0.5 mm setting. 

Now here is the catch- if someone does not know what they are doing, and uses the 5 mm needle with hight energy levels (about to be launched in Australia) and triple or quadruple pulses in the same area on the cheek in someone who is fat depleted already, it may cause loss. In theory. Best thing to do is to see an expert in this procedure. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Does Intensif Radio Fresquency Microneedling affect the facial fat?

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Great question. Intensif has become one of may favorite devices for facial rejuvenation because it is effective and reliable with down time of only an hour or so.  I almost always combine it with PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments to effectively stimulate a thickening and tightening to the skin of the face, neck, decollete, and hands. Most often, I use a simple 8-point lidocaine nerve block to make the treatment more comfortable. During Intensif, the 25 gold-tipped, non-insulated micro needles are advanced smoothly into the dermis (2.0 - 3.5mm, approx 1/8") at which point the radio frequency energy is released into the dermis. Although it is conceivable that facial fat could be effected, facial fat is considerably deeper than the target of the treatment depth, and it has not been my observation, that facial fat is adversely affected. 

David Hartman, MD, FACS
Dover Facial Plastic Surgeon
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