Information on Endymed 3Deep please !

I'm considering having Endymed 3Deep, and my Beautician says she has used it for 4 years, and had no negative feedback. I'm keen to try it, but very worried about losing fat in my face, and any long term side effects. Does anybody want to give me information about their experience with Endymed please ? Good or bad !

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EndyMed Is Safe

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The fear of losing fat with radio frequency energy came from experiences with previous generation equipment.  Endymed Skin Tight is the latest generation of radio frequency device.   The EndyMed Skin Tight has safety mechanisms to guard against burning or blistering of the epidermis during treatment. Energy is delivered in three phases - the upper layer, the median and the reticular dermis rather than one phase.


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Hello- so far we have seen great results with the EndyMed shaping/tightening treatment as well as the Intensif treatment.  Be well. 

Endymed 3Deep for Skin Tightening

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I have utilized the Endymed technology in my office with very positive patient satisfaction and good results.  The radio frequency is very effect for skin tightening without effecting the fat.  In fact, the heat generated from the radio frequency helps build collagen in long-term.

Do keep in mind, based on your doctor consultation it will take a few treatments for best results.

David P. Melamed, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologist

The unique advantages of Endymed 3DEEP skin tightening technology.

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I had a very good results with the Endymed skin tightening radio frequency technology.
Radio Frequency technology has been proven to be effective and safe for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, so you don’t need to worry about the long term side effects.

The idea is to heat the dermis to 50-52 degree Celsius to trigger collagen remodeling, providing a long term effect.

First  generation RF devices were not very effective (Bi Polar, Multipolar) or very painful. 

The multisource radio frequency in the Endymed 3DEEP system allows to safely heat the deeper levels of the skin (the dermis), with minimal surface heating, for effective collagen remodeling and wrinkle reduction, with no downtime or pain.

In the facial treatments the energy is targeted into the deep dermis and will not cause a weight lose.

Yoram Harth, MD
Israel Dermatologist

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