Double Bubble? Will It Go Away? (photo)

I'm 24, under the muscle, 375cc saline round. Right now i'm 2 months PO and I love the way they look! Before surgery there was some discussion about having a lift, but my surgeon said he doesn't recommend a lift especially for someone for my age and should wait to have kids. SO needless to say I got what I wanted but I notice when I lift my arms up, I can see the implant behind my breast, is this a double bubble?? what can I do to get rid of it? How did this happen? PLEASE HELP?

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Double bubbles...

will occur when your breast diameter or footprint is smaller then the diameter of the implant.  It will get better as time goes on but may not go away completely.  There are methods for improving this but at additional costs.  I assume you have a tremendous improvement in your overall appearances and it really comes down to how important is it for you to have 'perfect' breasts as opposed to much better breasts.  As time passes, it could become less and less of an issue for you so you are encouraged to wait at least a year before considering more surgery.

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Double bubble breast implant at 2 months will not likely go away

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the double bubble shown in your photograph at 2 months will not likely go away on its own. However you said that you are happy with the appearance of your breast and if you do not notice the double bubble when you're arms are by your side and it is not obvious when wearing a bathing suit at the beach then I would think twice about doing a revision. Correction of a double bubble involves opening the implant pocket and re-suturing the side of the pocket where the double bubble exists. The double bubble is caused by dissecting a pocket below the inframammary crease and disrupting the inframammary crease ligament.

See your plastic surgeon and discuss your options.

Double Bubble deformity after breast augmentation

Thanks for your pictures and questions.  It does appear that you have a double bubble deformity.  It is likely due to the implant sitting below your natural fold at the bottom of your breast.  You may see some softening of the issue with time and less visibility of the deformity.  However, it is unlikely to completely correct.  If you only see the issue when raising your arms, it may not be worth it to undergo a revision surgery.  Wait at least 6 months and preferably one year.  Good luck!

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Double bubble deformity, does it go away?

Your picture shows a double bubble deformity. It is normally caused by a tight fold under the breast and the fact that the implant pocket comes below the fold. Unfortunately this condition doesn't correct itself. The correction will involve repairing the lower part of the pocket and raising the implant

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Double bubble may get better with time.

If the breast implant diameter is to be larger than the native breast is probably better to place it in a sub glandular position to allow the base of the breast to assume the diameter of the prosthesis.

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Double Bubble

Yes it is a double bubble. The implant is not filling out the lower portion of the breast. Only additional surgery will improve this, but if you only see it when you raise your arms high it might not be important enough for you. Discuss with your surgeon at your next appointment.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Double Bubble

The condition of your breast is unfortunately a "double bubble" deformity.  It will not go away.  You will require a second surgery that is more complicated than the initial breast augment.  Make sure to discuss this with your PS.  However, you may want to seek a second opinion with a PS who specializes in revisional breast surgery.  Good Luck!

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Double Bubble

You are correct.  This is a classic "double bubble".  It will most likely not correct itself.  You should give it several months to settle but unfortunately, you will most likely need surgical correction.  This might involve repositioning of the implants, capsulotomies/capsulorraphies, and possibly mastopexy.  I recommend waiting at least six months before deciding on how to proceed.

Martin O`Toole, MD, FACS
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Double Bubble? Will It Go Away?

No the "double bubble" effect will not self correct! Either try fat gratfs with riggotomies or change placement of the implants. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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The Double Bubble

Thank you for your photographs.  The area at the bottom of your breast represents a double bubble it may soften but unlikely. It represents the implant sitting below the old natural tight crease.  This could best managed by surgical correction.

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