Double Eyelid Revision, How High can the Crease be Raised?

I had double eyelid surgery 2 months ago.I prefer how it looks when it was slightly swelling as the crease are higher. now that the swelling has gone down, my double eyelid has become much lower and the edge of the eyelids are going downwards(the shape is a bit triangular) Question: 1) how much can i raise my double eyelid as i already did the incision surgery once? 3)will my lashes upturn? 4)will the scar be very much noticable?

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Revision of four lid blepharoplasty

A photo would be beneficial. My reaction about sagging of the eyelid after surgery is always whether the procedure should have been accompanied by an internal brow plication or formal brow lift. This is frequently the case but patients have trepidation about the brow lift and opt for the eye lift alone, which is insufficient to address their underlying issue. This may be applicable to your situation.

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That a lot of very specific questions without the benefit of a photograph.

Generally it is far easier to raise a fold and a crease than it is to lower it.  Lash rotation is a separate issues based on anchor fixation of the pre platform skin and orbicularis oculi muscle to the anterior levator aponeurosis.  Too much of this creates a frank ectropion.  It needs to be done just so.  Anchor fixation rotates and supports the upper eyelid lashes and makes them look perky.  The other questions need to be addressed with a personal consultation so that an expert can examine and assess the eyelid.  It is best to wait 6 to 12 months before considering a revisional surgery.

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