What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Sebum?

Hi, i have overactive sebum production that makes my face extremely oily and having small occassional breakouts despite good topical regimen with oral doxycycline. done few laser sessions for oil reduction but to no avail. i asked this qn before on realself and was advised to start on low dose accutane. So what is the recommended dosage that i should take to acheive significant oil reduction and yet agains safe for me to go outdoors. i am serving my national millitary conscription. thank you

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Lo Dose Isotretinoin for oil reduction

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I use what i call the Lo Dose regimen, 10mg on Mondays and Thursdays to start. This reduces oil and has no side-effects that I have seen. I also like to use OC8, an oil control gel.

Miami Dermatologist

Intermittent low dose maintenance accutane therapy protocol

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maintenance therapy   post  accutane  treatment--- easiest  is  20 mg  once    a week !!!

Jeffrey S. Lauber, MD
Newport Beach Dermatologist

Oily skin controlled with low dose Isotretinoin

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Isotretinoin (eg. Accutane) is very effective for the management of excessively oily skin.  I often find 10mg 1-2x a week may be all that is needed to control your oily skin.

It is best to consult with your Board Certified Dermatologist, so they can work with you to find the proper dose.  Also, you want to make sure you are a good candidate, have periodic lab monitoring for side-effects, and, for females, to adhere to proper pregnancy prevention.

Jeffrey C. Poole, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon
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Accutane Dosage

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The dosage of Accutane will be determined be the prescribing physician.  Patients do not get to determine their dosage.  It will be up to the prescribing doctors experience with the medication not what the patient tells them to prescribe.  This is a great forum to ask other experts for their experience, but ultimately patients need to understand the Internet is no substitute for a one on one doctor patient visit.

Lisa Kates, MD
Annapolis Dermatologist

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