Doctor That Specializes in Fat Grafting to the Face?

I had a horrible experience with ulthera and I am looking for an expert on fat grafting. I have heard awful things about fat grafting even with doctors that are experts in the field. So I am extremely afraid about this procedure. I am looking for a doctor that will use a conservative approach. A doctor that does 10 to 20 fat grafting a month with at least ten years experience.

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Specialist in fat grafting to the face

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You are wise to be searching for a plastic surgeon who does a lot of fat grafting, and one who is conservative in his approach. View many, many before and after photos before considering a surgeon. Ask about the doctir's philosophy about over-filling. We cannpt predict exactly how much fat will persist, therefore, I do not overfill.

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Fat grafting specialist

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Dear Boca Raton1496,

  • You should visit the Glasgold Group in New Jersey, they are experts in the field and will take great care of you.  Their website is listed below
  • They wrote the book on fat transfer!

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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