Doctor Refused to Give Me Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me that my nose is nice and he outright refused me told me to go get someone else.I don't like my nose because my alar is too wide, granted nobody told me its ugly but its really not my cup of tea. I have disliked it for as long as I can remember. I spoke to him and he eventually said he can put an implant, a number 8 silicone so we could see if it looks all right and if not just take it out. I called him and left messages but no response anymore.

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Doctor refusing to do surgery

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It’s actually a good thing that a surgeon recognizes he may not be able to perform a surgery that will make you happy. Surgeons refuse to do surgery for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because the patient has unrealistic expectations, or has placed great importance on perceived flaws that are not visible to the surgeon. Other times it is because the surgeon does not have enough experience to successfully achieve the desired results of the patient, or feels that achieving the result still would not make the patient happy. If one surgeon has refused you, you can always seek a second or third opinion. If the photograph that you posted is what you look like on the left, and what you want to achieve on the right, then it seems like your goals are reasonable and achievable.  I would definitely research board certified plastic surgeons or facial plastic surgeons who have experience with rhinoplasty and alar base excision. That is one particular procedure that is difficult to fix when done poorly, so you want to get it right the first time.


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Plastic surgeon decided not to operate.

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Refusing to operate on a patient can be a challenge for plastic surgeon.  He clearly did not feel confident that he could not make you happy.  His honesty should be respected, but you should seek opinions from other board-certified plastic surgeons before giving up.  Best of luck.

Dustin L. Reid, MD
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Not a candidate

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I f a patient has unreasonable expectations they would not be a candidate for surgery. Also the surgeon and the patient should be on the same page as to what would look best.

Surgeon refused rhinoplasty

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There are many times that a surgeon including myself does not operate on a patient. For myself this is when I feel that the results they are asking for are not what I consider aesthetically pleasing for the patient or a patient who is not emotionally stable at the time of the requested procedure. With your situation and in review of your photographs perhaps the surgeon was not a rhinoplasty expert and was uncomfortable making the small aesthetic changes that you requested and perhaps did not think he had the finesse to perform the procedure. I would seek a few more consultations with experts in rhinoplasty so you may have some second opinions. I perform a lot of rhinoplasty procedures and do multitudes of procedures where just a small amount of change is needed for the proper aesthetic result. I use a digital imaging computer so I am able to show my consulting patient the proposed result prior to surgery. This is especially helpful in a case like yours. Best regards!

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Doctor refused rhinoplasty

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There are many reasons doctors refuse to operate on patients


There is a saying " I would much rather a patient be made at me for not operating on them then for operating on them"


But with that bit of philosophy aside here are some common reasons


1) Patient is not emotionally or medically appropriate to operate on


2) Doctor does not think he/she can make the patient happy because the patient seems to be the type of patient that can never be happy


3) Doctor thinks that the patient’s description of what is wrong is out of touch with reality and/or the patient’s description of what they want to look like is not something that can be achieved


4) There is literally nothing wrong with the patients feature and therefore no surgery is needed (this is relatively rare - how many truly perfect noses, faces, breasts are floating around out there)


5) there is something wrong with the feature (perhaps subtle) but the doctors does not feel comfortable or confident in their ability to fix it (when this is true in the doctors mind they but the patient in category 4 and try to convince the patient of that) with that said it is good that surgeons who do not feel comfortable or confident in dealing with subtle changes do attempt to make them. That is to say some surgeons will only operate on patients with gross deformities because they know no matter what they do they can make a positive difference. The stakes are higher when the defect is more subtle. More experienced surgeons are more likely to tackle these patients’ problems.


With that said you do not need to chase down a plastic surgeon. There are literally hundreds who will beat down your doors to operate on you.


Go visit some others in your community


If a lot of surgeons start to refuse surgery then you might fit into category 1, 2, 3


But based on your photo I would consider offering you a surgical plan after a consultation if you should up in my office. 


Interested in traveling to Austin? 


We make arrangements for out of town patients


Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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When a surgeon refuses to preform Rhinoplasty or any other surgery

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I commonly see patients in consultation and explain to them they do not need to undergo surgery when it is not needed. Unfortunately to many surgeons perform surgery when not needed. Their are certain criteria a surgeon uses to decide if to operate on some one or note. At times a surgeon may refuse to operate if he is not familiar or comfortable performing the procedure. 

Pit is always good idea to obtain another opinion.


Best of luck to you!

Doctor Refused to Operate

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It's possible your surgeon felt that your nose looked great as is, or that your expectations or level of concern were greater than your 'deformity' warranted. It could just as likely be that he wasn't comfortable with performing a 'finesse' type of rhinoplasty on a young attractive woman. You really should avail yourself of another consultation or two to determine if your concerns can be reasonably addressed with surgery. Best of Luck Dr Harrell

WHY would a Plastic Surgeon REFUSE to Operate on me??

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A Plastic surgery consultation is a two way street. Just as you look over the Plastic surgeon, his demeanor, his office and his staff, he looks you over as well. After listening to your concerns and wishes, the Plastic surgeon needs to decide if he can make you happy. Are your wishes reasonable or are they unrealistic? Would it be safe to operate on you? Are you intelligent enough to understand the operation, its recovery and that complications may happen?

Our income would be MUCH greater if we did not use ethics and judgement and operated on everyone who asked for a procedure. But - we would also create a lot of disappointment and unhappiness.

I would consult with one or more well-regarded Plastic surgeons and learn what they have to say. If most of them express a reluctance to operate on you (be it because of fear of airway narrowing, scarring, change of ethnicity, whatever) I would take it to heart.

Do not take it as a personal insult just because one surgeon declined to operate on you. He may have done you a favor. Do your homework and learn if he was right or he was just personally uncomfortable with you.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN 


Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

You can choose to do plastic surgery and the doctor can choose not to do it

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Plastic surgery is a two way street, a partnership between the doctor and the patient.  If you don't gel with the doctor you will choose not to have them do your surgery.  If the doctor does not gel with you, they can choose not to do your surgery.  Reasons for this include your having unrealistic expectations, or maybe they don't feel comfortable with what you need etc.  

See some other doctors but maybe the doctor is telling you something you should listen to.  If you go to enough doctors, someone will operate on you but maybe you should NOT do surgery!

Doctor refused rhinoplasty.

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Hello. I would recommend you find another board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. It sounds as though the surgeon you spoke to was either not confident in performing your surgery or your expectations are unrealistic. Try consulting with another surgeon for a 2nd opinion.

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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