Can a Dimple on a Chin Be Permanently Removed?

I have a dimple on my chin, its a circle dimple. I will say the dimple can be seen properly from my side face and from the front as well. So I would like to know if it could be removed forever? and what the price would be UK cash.

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Chin dimple removal

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Removal of a chin dimple can be accomplished in two basic ways. The first way is to excise the skin but this can result in a scar. Another approach is to use subcision to free up the dermal (underneath) skin attachments and place a small fat graft as an intermediary to prevent readhesion. The recurrence rate of having the dimple is small but can happen doing it this way, but there is no risk of scarring. There are other approaches as well but these are the most common. I am not sure what the going price in the United Kingdom would be but it is around 1500 dollars here in Florida. I hope this information helps.

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of permanent dimple

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As Dr. Aldea has stated, probably the most consistent and reliable method to remove the dimpkle is to have it excised completley. Hwoever, this is likely to leave a small scar.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of a Chin Dimple

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When movie stars were Stars and guys like Gary Cooper and Kirk Douglas and their chin dimples filled the screens, many men asked to have dimples created. These days the dimple appears to have fallen out of fashion.

BUT - this is not a commonly done procedure. The best way to do it, involves cutting the skin dimple attachments to the chin and filling the area with either fat or a filler to prevent scar tissue from re-connecting it. Such a procedure can be done under local anesthesia and should not be too expensive.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Chin dimple

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if the dimple is not 'deep', the muscle /mentalis can be adjusted to 'close' the dimple from inside the mouth without skin incisions. Also, if the dimple is due to the underlying bone shape, then the bone can be contoured or a center implant used to 'lift' the dimpled/depression and level it


Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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