Halo Pro and Hydrafacial MD (also having Botox done 1 wk post procedure Halo)

So, I had Halo Pro completed just 3 days ago. My plan is to get Botox administered this coming Friday (1 week from Halo pro) and then the following day, Hydrafacial. I am having this done next month as well. Same schedule (minus the Botox). Halo Pro and then Hydrafacial 1 week later. I'm reading that most aren't "healed" from Halo 1 week after. Is it okay to have the hydra facial completed just 1 week later? How about the Botox? Will my halo interrupt the botox efficacy so earlier out?

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Botox is fine, so is Hydrafacial but....

I typically will recommend Hydrafacial or Silk Peel at least 10 days after Halo. I recommend this to slough off any residual pigment or scaling from the Halo procedure and it works quite well for this.  I don't think there is any harm in doing Botox a week after Halo and this can even be done immediately after a Hydrafacial.

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Botox is fine, wait on facial

Thanks for the great question. You should be able to still have the botox with no problem. Because the botox is going into the muscle and not the skin, it will still work exactly like it should. As for the hyrdafacial, I would wait at least 2 weeks after the Halo before doing anything else to the skin. As the new top layer of the skin reforms, it tends to be pretty fragile at first. The Halo works so well, I'm not sure what benefits you would even see from the hydrafacial. The best thing to always do is ask your doctor what they recommend as they are the one treating you. Best of luck!

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