Are there any risks in having Laser Treatments (Halo) for acne scarring before starting Accutane a few months later?

Years of acne have left all kinds of scars on my face. Today, my acne is significantly better, but still there and still causing scarring. Dermatologists have recommended Accutane, but I know I'd have to wait 12 months after my regime until I could use lasers to treat the scarring. Are there any risks of getting Halo laser treatment BEFORE starting Accutane a few months later?

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Halo can help acne

There are no risks in doing Halo prior to starting Accutane. In fact, Halo can be helpful for acne. It is a delayed effect however (a few months), but I have seen numerous patients with cystic acne who respond well to a moderate Halo treatment and adequate skin care maintenance to include retinol, niacinaminde, and high dose vitamin C. The line we use in my clinic is BioRenew. It's possible that with a properly performed Halo and adequate skin care that you could avoid Accutane all together!

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