Best laser for under eye fine lines and creepiness?

I am 36 and starting to notice some creepiness under the eye area as well as some fine lines. I have had one consultation so far and they suggested I use the Sciton Halo laser just around the eyes. I haven't seen any reviews on here for this specific laser for this specific problem, so I am wondering how effective it will be, especially in comparison to other lasers. I should note that I have tried Botox, which has slightly softened some of them, but not to the degree I am looking for.

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Laser for under eye

Halo is an excellent option to improve the texture/tone of the skin around the eyes, address fine lines, correct sun damage and pigmentation issues. However, you may want to also consider Sciton TRL if you desire more dramatic improvement. Consult in person with an expert and experienced physician who has the ability to provide you multiple options.

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Halo laser skin resurfacing will be a good fit


Thanks for your question.   

Halo skin resurfacing laser works very well for periorbital wrinkles(wrinkles around eyes).  It is a combination of non-ablative and ablative lasers with very minimal down time, but provides excellent results.  We have posted post halo photos on RealSelf  for periorbital wrinkles.  It maybe helpful for you to look at it.

Best, Dr. Kevin Belasco, Newport Beach, CA

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Laser for under eye fine lines

Hi there -

I would recommend either Halo laser or Profractional Erbium Yag laser.  The nice part about Halo is that it comes with less downtime than traditional fractionated lasers.  You might need more than one treatment to get your desired results, but this can be true for other laser types as well.  Furthermore, the collagen stimulation you get with Halo to improve the fine lines and wrinkles will continue to be produced up to 3 months after your treatment.

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Laser for under eyes

I love the Sciton Halo - in fact we helped develop it and I lecture about it regularly. The halo is a hybrid fractional laser bringing the best of non-ablative and ablative fractional to one treatment. Its great for fine lines and pigment and overall sun damage. But- its not my favorite for lower eyelid tightening. The Halo head does not allow you to get to the lash line but you can get some improvement in canthal lines with it. My favorite for lower eyelids is the Sciton TRL - full field erbium resurfacing. Downtime about a week but the results are awesome. I have patients out over 10 years with excellent results.

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