Is It Safe to Buy Accutane Online?

I've noticed a lot of sites like this being spammed out on Twitter. Is there any safe way to order Accutane online? Are these pills even real Accutane? If someone is safely prescribed Accutane by their doc, should they order these pills to save money? 

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Accutane must be strictly regulated

As Accutane has very serious side effects a national registry exists called I Pledge, which ensures that the prescriber, pharmacy and patient are compliant with the program rules.  In my practice and most other board certified dermatologists, patients must follow up monthly for lab work and be examined for any adverse effects and to evaluate the treatment course.  After being approved to continue Accutane, the patient goes to a local pharmacy to have the prescription filled. 

Houston Dermatologist


I do not recommend buying Accutane online. This is a highly regulated drug and only should be done under physician supervision and purchased from a reputable pharmacy.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Do Not Recommend Buying Accuctane Online

I certainly do not recommend buying Accutane online.  I do not believe you find another dermatologist who will recommend you to do this either.  While this can be a great medication, it needs to be closely monitored.  If not used properly or monitored, it can have very serious side effects.  In addition, when you purchase products online you really are not sure of what it is you are getting.  It is not worth chancing.  Please do not buy Accutane online.

Lisa Kates, MD
Annapolis Dermatologist
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Accutane online

I would NOT recommend buying Accutane online. This is a controlled medication in the US and you should be monitored while you are on it. Dr. Behnam.

Ben Behnam, MD
Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon
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There is no way to guarantee safety or accuracy of Accutane bought online

Like many other products that should be strictly controlled, Accutane should not be bought online.  It is understandable that the cost is great.

However, there is no way to know what the substance is that you are buying online.

That is not to say that there are no legitimate pharmacies that have an online presence.  There are.  They require prescriptions and have the proper licenses and do not send spam on Twitter or through email.

Accutane does need to be controlled.  It is a wonder drug for patients with severe acne, but it has a potential for severe side effects that need to be monitored, particularly as far as pregnancy is concerned.  Women must not get pregnant while on Accutane or for two months after stopping it, as birth defects can be severe.

There are other potential side effects, that need to be monitored with monthly lab tests.

But the main issue is what are you getting when you are buying a medication from a place that sends spam over social networks?  No way to know.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Purchasing Accutane online

Many of my private pay patients will purchase their medicine from a Canadian pharmacy. Confirming that the pharmacy is regulated by the Canadian Board of Pharmacy goes a long way toward ensuring you get what you order. You should never buy any medicine, much less Accutane, from a pharmacy that does not ask you for your physician's prescription.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist
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