Is this normal blistering after a picosure laser treatment? Seems a little big. (photos)

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Blistering (PicoSure)

Thanks for your question and photo. With any laser this is a risk but uncommon for it to get larger. With more treatments the blistering may subside. Be very careful not to pick at the scabs or do further treatments until you have healed entirely. Also keep out of the sun and do not pop! Should it worsen you should contact your doctor immediately to avoid infection. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Ka

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Blistering is a normal risk

The formation of fluid-filled blisters is a normal risk of laser tattoo removal. Keep the skin protected, apply bacitracin or neosporin, avoid sun exposure and simply allow the skin to heal. Follow up with your primary doctor if the pain does not subside or if the area becomes infected (red, swollen, warm, draining pus). Sincerely, Dr. Rosenberg.

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Blistering after laser tattoo removal

Some blistering can occur after laser tattoo removal. It is important to use wound care after the treatment. Apply bacitracin and clean gauze daily until the area heals. It can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks for the wound to heal. The blister will pop on its own. Call your provider if there is any redness, pus or fever. 

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