Picosure for Melasama?

Is this a permanenet treatment for melsama and hyperpigmentation? is this a right way to treat . i used hydroqunone and OBAGI Nu Derm kit but nothing worked on me. Please advise. i am tired enough, spent so much money. but nothing is working on me. my face is getting more and more sensitive with these products. i need permanent solution.

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PicoSure Focus Treatment

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The picosure focus treatment is an excellent option for melasma, the laser is able to shatter the pigment underneath the skin without using heat which can exacerbate the condition. It is important to remember melasma may reoccur after the treatments unless you are very diligent about sun protection and avoidance, and strict skincare regimen. The laser will lighten and clear your melasma but it will take a series of treatments.

Dr. Rosenberg

Picosure Melasma

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The Picosure treatment with the focused lens array is an excellent treatment for melasma however it is not permanent and not all types of melasma responds to it. Treatment is aimed both at treatment and prevention. However melasma can return as it often does. It is usually a matter of maintaining the results through sun avoidance and proper use of topicals such as hydroquinon and retinoids acid. 

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Dr Soni

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