One implant on lower jaw has no healing cap as well, are the healing caps critical for the healing?

I have eight extractions and six implants were placed at the same time. Three more implants on upper jaw but have no healing cap placed on them after the surgery. One implant on lower jaw has no healing cap as well, are the healing caps critical for the healing? It's been ten days after the surgery, is it too late to put them on?

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Healing caps and implants.

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The steps for a complete dental implant procedure are:

1st Dental Implant surgery placement. implants are placed and gum closed (without exposing implant or healing cap)

2nd After healing, 4 to 6 months, a little hole to expose the implants are done to place the healing cap, so the gum will get a contourn around it.

3rd Place the abutment and crown over the implant (cosmetic restoration of the implant).

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Implants and healing caps

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healing caps are usually placed if the implants are exposed and not burried under the gum

If you had healing caps placed and they fell out, see your surgeon. They could be put back on before the gum covers the implant

Some of your implants could have been left covered under your gum, for better healing , if bone grafted at the same time.

If this is the case , they will be exposed 4-6 months post healing, healing caps will be put on at that time

Have the sites evaluated by your surgeon. To make sure....

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Implant Healing Caps

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Obviously if the healing caps were initially placed, they do serve a purpose. Without the healing cpas inplace, the implant is exposed to the environment, thereby running the risk of conamination or damage fro food stuffs during chewing.During the healing process the tissue will grow over the exposed implant if a healing cap isd not in place. Many times we place a specific healing cap in order to achieve an ideal tissue contour when the time arrives to take an impression to place a tooth (crwon restoration). If the tissue has grown over the site we most likey will need to use a laser to access the implant for our impressions. This may necessiate a waiting period and delay your receiving a tooth in this area. It is imperative that you contact the Dr that placed the implant and seek their help with this issue.

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Implants and Healing Caps

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Having 8 extractions, and 9 implants, I don't understand why you are not asking your Oral Surgeon this question!!!

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