Deep-plane Midface Lift for 31 Year Old Female?

31 yr female w/ saggy cheeks/nasolabial folds, no prob w jaw/neck. Had consults with 4 surgeons (2 in CA, 2 Bangkok) 1 said I was "too young" to justify scarring. Other 3 rec a midface lift (1 rec a "deep plane"). Will my youth be an advantage or disadvantage? Is a deep plane worth it?

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Midfacelift too young for 31 year olds?

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As you have had 4 consultations, hopefully with qualified plastic surgeons with interest and focus in the face, you have come across 4 different approaches and opinions. The message is then, there are usually several ways to address an individual patients aesthetic concerns and goals. Generally, young patients in their 30's will benefit from mid-face volumization procedures with soft tissue fillers or cheek implants for malar volume and smile line correction, rather than more aggressive surgical repositioning operations.

However, there are hereditary conditions of poor mid-face development or sagging, where a mid-facelift procedure is a reasonable option and I have had young patients, albeit relatively few, who have benefited from such an operative approach over the years. Make sure you do your home work with a trusted specialist who has a good reputation. I would not recommend cosmetic surgery tourism and of course, never embark on a course of action based upon online information, seek a formal consultation.

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Agen for Midface Lift

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Age is not the only criteria for facial surgery, but  31y.o. seems young for this procedure. As other posters have suggested midfacial appearance can be improved by filling the nasolabial grooves, or enhancing cheek contour with  cheek implants or fillers such as Radiesse or fat.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Midface Lift Age for Cheek Enhancement

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While there are no strict age guidelines for cosmetic facial surgery, mid face lift surgery for younger patients to improve appearance is generally not recommended. Other cosmetic procedures to improve the midface or sunken / saggy cheeks include silicone cheek implants, fat transfer, or facial fillers injections. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a plastic surgeon help determine an appropriate option for you. Best of luck.

Houtan Chaboki, MD
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Deep-plane midface lift for 31 year old female

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From your post, I would turn you down to do this very difficult operation. Be careful in what you seek, because you may not achieve the result desired.


When should one get a facelift.

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31 years of age is quite young for a facelift of any type. I would seek another opinion from an EXPERIENCED plastic surgeon. As a guess the one who told you not to have it was correct and honest. There is always going to be surgeons who will operate for money!

Toby Mayer, MD
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If you have Very droopy Nasolabial folds then a midfacelift maybe an option for you. Age is less of a factor when looking to make structural changes to your face. Of course you have to make sure that your expectations are met with the surgery proposed. It would be easier to give you advice if I saw a picture of you.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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Face Lift at 31??

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I recently answered a question for a 31 year old who asked about having stopped smoking 21 days prior to having a face lift as you describe.  My initial reaction was to ask why she was even considering a surgery of this nature at such a young age however I did not want to insult her or question the advice of her surgeon since I had never examined her.  

I cannot imagine that someone as young as yourself is aging so quickly (whether it is due to genetics or environmental factors) that you are truly in need of such extensive facial rejuvenation.  You did mention saggy cheeks - is the sagging due to a significant weight loss?  If so I would think you would have excess neck skin and jowls too and if so then surgery might be an option but I still cannot imagine it is warranted at this age.  As far as the nasolabial folds, you can look at many young children and teenagers and see that it is natural and acceptable to have these folds.  If they are so deep they bother you then I would suggest taking a non-surgical approach and try an injectable filler such as Juvederm for that area.

As one of the surgeons you consulted with has already told you that you are too young and discussed the risks of scarring, I hope you follow his advice not to do this surgery.  If you are considering surgery at 31, you are most likely going to consider another surgery as you age and the next surgeon will have to deal with scarring and a thinner SMAS - both which can effect the results of that surgery. I hope you will continue to search for a facial specialist who you can trust and feel comfortable with the options that they present to give you the results you are seeking. 

Arnold Zweig, MD (retired)
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Without seeing you I can categorically tell you that you do not need this surgery!

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What is being proposed is a radical facial surgery for someone your age. You are being preyed upon by your surgeons. Unfortunately many office are not in business to advocate your what is best for you. They are really their to get surgery done. I will assure you that whatever issues you have can be addressed without surgery using Hyaluronic acid fillers.  

It is important to surgery stand that people get victimized by their insecurities in the offices of the Plastic surgeon. Ask yourself if you have a history of emotional or sexual abuse. This often increase the likelihood of reliving this victimization. I can tell you that every week I see 3 or 4 new consultations of patients who have been destroyed by their facial surgeon. Please do not let this happen to you.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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