Decay or Stain Under Broken Veneer? Im Worried. Can It Be Fixed Still or Did I Wait Too Long? (photo)

My veneer popped off a few weeks ago and then was rebonded wrong. It then broke off in two and the dentist glued both pieces on,. then one broke off . At the time the dentist said the brown was stain around the tooth. Im looking for a new dentist to help me fix this. But im not sure if this is decay or stain ? there is a lot of glue on the tooth, and then theres a dark brown spot . A small piece of came off today too, I think it was white glue, then I noticed the brown. Can this be fixed still ?

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Decay Under Broken Veneer? I'm Worried. Can It Be Fixed or Did I Wait Too Long? (photo)

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Some porcelain veneer problems can be simply fixed. In your situation I suspect that you developed a second cavity under the veneer until the tooth and the veneer softened and finally broke the veneer.

At this point a veneer won't fix it. It will need a crown and possibly some laser gum reshaping to get to the healthy part of the tooth and under the cavity along the gum line.


As soon as this is fixed, you will want to have all of your other veneers (and even the rest of your other dental work) inspected well and X-rayed. If you are prone to this sort of cavity here, you could have other ones starting in other places too. If you catch the others now, then maybe those other places can just be repaired.

Your veneered tooth is beyond bad patchwork.

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Based on the information and photo you provided, you have both decay and a botched "patch job." This tooth requires Immediate removal of decay possible crown build up and/or root canal therapy if the decay is so deep that the pulp (nerve) of the tooth is exposed. A full crown will provide better suppoand than a veneer and can be made in the same same shade and material as you existing veneers.

Treatment For Cavity Under A Broken Veneer

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After viewing your photos it seems that there is certainly decay (cavity) under your broken veneer.  It is highly unlikely that you can have a new porcelain veneer placed with the amount of decay that is present.  The treatment for this tooth will likely include a full  porcelain crown and potentially a root canal depending on how deep the cavity is.  I would encourage you to see a dentist soon to take an x-ray and give you some options.  In addtion, I would have him/her examine around your other veneers to make sure that there is no decay present under those restorations. 

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