What is "debulking" a keloid and how effective is it in combination with steroid injections and medical taping? (photo)

I have had chest keloids since I was in the 9th grade ( thats when they first appeared) . I have received injections before as you can see in the attached photo but after many years they came back. i heard about debulking from a friend who heard about a dr in beverly hills that did that with a combination of other things and the results were pretty nice. another question is how can i find a dr in the Atlanta area that is highly experienced in successfully dealing with keloid scar removal ?

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Keloid treatment in Los Angeles

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Keloids can benefit from treatment. Debulking relies on surgical principles, but many surgeons prefer non surgical means to reduce keloids and reduce recurrence. Our office specializes in keloid treatment in Los Angeles. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Keloid scars, chest

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For unknown reasons the chest as well as earlobes are the most common areas where keloids occur. When considering keloid you need to gain an appreciation and realistic expectations. The goal of keloid scar revision is to create a skin surface that is flat and blends better into the surroundings. A flat surface reflects light more evenly without shadowing, is less noticeable and may be further covered-up by application of camouflage makeup. Tenderness, itching and contour of a hypertrophic or keloid scar may be improved with serial injections of dilute steroids along with fluorouracil to control inflammation. Instead of reducing the height of the scar with the injection only  a doctor may first flatten (debulk) the scar using laser or scalpel excision (derma-planing) followed by silcione taping and injections. Small steps and patience are needed. You need to find a doctor experienced and interested in with scar revision, whether a cosmetic plastic surgeon or a cosmetic dermatologist, and you should visit with them. There does not exist shortage of such physicians anywhere in a major metropolitan area of the United States or Canada.

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