How To Deal With Scabs After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I had an open rhinoplasty a month ago and have uncomfortable crusts and/or scabs in my nostrils that make me feel stuffy. I think I wasn't consistent enough with the saline spray I have in my first couple of weeks post op but now I'm using it 3-4 a day hoping it'll help. I try not to touch them because they feel very hard and don't seem like they'd budge anyway... I was also using hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip but was told not to. Are there any tips for loosening them up or should I be worried?

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How To Deal With Nasal Scabs 1 Month After a Rhinoplasty

If your rhinoplasty was 1 month ago you should be able to clean away the scabs that you describe without causing any damage. The safest approach would be to see your surgeon who could do this for you. If you can't get in to him or her, place some wet gauze over the scabbed area and let it sit for 30 minutes. This should soften the scabs to the point that you can get them off easily using Q-tips and hydrogen peroxide. Once the area is clean, use a thin layer of an OTC antibiotic ointment several times a day to keep the area moist. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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Usually after 6-8 weeks your bones are as strong as before. If you clean yourself gently it should be ok, See you PS to make sure he looks inside and see nothing else.


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Scabs after rhino?#nosejob

If you are careful there should not be too much you can harm with gentle cleaning. It sounds like you have scabs or crusted mucous from the nose. If you are nervous to clean things up go see your surgeon and have them clean things up so that you can be evaluated better. Most likely you are just like almost all Rhinoplasty patients who get timid to do much and it ends up being just lots of old crust and mucous that needs more thorough attention.

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Go and see your surgeon ASAP and have him clean and evaluate the internal incisions, etc.  Your doctor will be glad that you don not disturb your healing process.

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