I recently did the dornier flexipulse treatment. Are there any side effects or potential complications after that procedure? Tx!

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Dornier Laser treatment

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I use my Dornier for small blue and red veins and angiomas on the face and body.  The results are generally very good.  The main side effects are pain at time of treatment that resolves quickly, sometimes some small lines of scabbing and very rarely a small ulcer at location of treatment.  Most patients have no side effects but if so they resolve in 10 days.

Dornier MediLas FlexiPulse Laser for Spider Veins and Hemangiomas

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The Dornier MediLas FlexiPulse laser is a 940 nm diode laser that targets the hemoglobin molecules and not melanin. It is used to treat spider veins and hemangiomas. 


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The Dornier Flexipulse treatment is a diode topical laser which works on very small veins.  Like any other topical laser side effect are few but include bruising, laser burn and swelling.  For the most part, when used on the right veins, the complications are very few and the results are very good.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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