Dark Undereye Circles and Corners of Eyes, Middle-Eastern. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 28 year old woman, Iranian. I've had this condition since I was a child. The skin definitely feels thinner under my eyes, and if I look very hard I can see tiny veins. Additionally, the corners of my eyes on the side of my nose are VERY dark, and again, I can see a vein if I look close. I've researched tear trough, hyperpig., fillers, arcus deformity,chemical peels,laser resurfacing, etc. thanks!

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Dark circles around eyes

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In your case I would suggest a filler like Restylane to be injected into that area to lift the skin and allow the light to reflect better.

Lower bleph with midface lift

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I have had success with eyelids like yours with an extended lower blepharoplasty with cheek/midface lift. Take a look at the photos on my page. I have other photos I can show you in consultation.


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