Eyelid Drooping and Asymmetry in Lids post GPC. What Can I Do? (photo)

About 4 months ago I went to my opthamologist after 3 weeks of pain & annoyance in my eyes. I had GPC. Both of my eyelids were heavy & swollen. It went a away...not completely though. My left eyelid is annoying because I can't look up like I used to & in comparison with my right eye. My eyes don't feel normal. My GPC is gone. I always had small eyes & eyelids. Now they are both heavy, but the left eyelid is heavier. I hate the way my eyes feel & how I look. What can I do to fix this?

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Eyelids still look inflamed

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Your eyelids still look somewhat inflamed and swollen. I would recommend a second opinion with another ophthalmologist. Did your doctor use steroid drops or ointment? That might help with the swelling. Your eye pressure will need to be checked as steroids can have an adverse affect on eye  pressure.


Good luck

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Eyelid Drooping and Asymmetry in Lids post GPC. What Can I Do? (photo)

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Thanks for posting photos. Yes I see the pseudo ptosis of the left upper lid. I recommend re evaluation by your doctor. Best to seek in person eye docs for advise. There are medications, BOTOX, and even surgery. Best of luck. 

GPC and your eyes. I agree with Dr. Amadi

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This can be an irritating issue.  Be sure to be evaluated by a few ophthalmologists and specifically and oculoplastic surgeon before you consider doing anything.  Be patient, wait for the inflammation to resolve.  If you are currently on eye steroid drops visit a corneal specialist and see if continued use is necessary.   Using steroid drops for extended periods is not a risk-free treatment.

Best of luck

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Agree with Dr. Amadi.

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Yes you have right upper eyelid ptosis.  This can be permanent after a bout of eyelid swelling like you have experienced.  The treatment is patience and perhaps additional care for your corneal surfaces.  Presumably you developed GPC from contact lens wear.  This is a notoriously difficult condition to resolve especially if you persist in wearing contact lens.  I do think there is value in being assessed by a cornea specialist, particularly one who is not focused on performing refractive surgery but devotes a large segment of their practice to taking care of corneas.  If you GPC is in fact resolved, I would recommend waiting 6 to 12 months before considering corrective surgery for the right eyelid.

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