How to Treat Old Scars from Razor Bumps and Acne on Dark Skin?

Black skin. Patchy scars under chin and on sides of the neck from razor bumps and previous acne. The razor bumps are now much less of a problem and the old scars are flattened. However, nothing that I use seems to fade them. What can I do to have removed/lessened?

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Neck scars from shaving and pseudofolliculitis barbae

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Dark spots and scarring from shaving on the neck in patients with dark skin is a constant problem.  Begin with MelaPads to exfoliate and lighten skin, followed by Yag laser to remove residual ingrown hairs and smoothe skin.

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Two options for dark razor bump scars

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We use two different methods to treat dark acne or razor bump scars. Hydroquinone products are a great option and so are q-switched lasers. Hydroquinone can be effective in many cases, but depending on the age of the scars and whether or not there is hard fibrous tissue under the skin, Hydroquinone may not be effective. In these cases, the choice is q-switched Nd:Yg lasers.

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