Is It Dangerous to Swallow a Tooth Crown That Has a Pivot Attached?

My husband swallowed his dental crown and this had a metal pivot attached to it. Is this dangerous? Thank you.

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Swallowed Crown

 If your husband actually swallowed his crown (into his stomach) with some attachment (pivot), he will likely pass it in his stool. He should eat some bread, drink plenty of water, and consider some laxative. Best of luck.

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Swallowing a crown is not dangerous

A swallowed crown will pass through the GI tract and exit at the other end.  The concern is if the crown was not swallowed but in fact aspirated.  This would mean that the crown entered a lung.  Is your husband certain that he swallowed the crown?  If not, a chest x-ray may be in order to be absolutely sure that it is not in his lungs.

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