Damage to Nose After Laser?

Hello i had ND Yag laser performed on my nose for spiderveins , it wasnt the laser which the doctor clicks and a light flashes , it had 2 long pins and the doctor went over my nose with it . Anyway after the treatment and a few days after , i noticed my nostrils felt extremely soft and mushy like ive lost cartilage or something underneath and it is red all the time now , which before it was not . what type of damage is this and how do i repair it , please im very worried

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ND Yag Laser

Thank you for your question. It would have been helpful if you knew the specific laser used in your treatment. If the nose cartilage remains softer than usual I would suggest consulting a board certified physician immediately.A treatment specialist should perform a hands on exam to determine if the condition was caused by the laser treatment or by preexisting conditions. It is essential to have a qualified professional assisting you at every step with these treatments. 

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ND YAg laser complication

I am sorry about the problem. I am not sure what NG Yag lasers was used.

Some have probes intended for deep facial surgery. 

  • Is your nose cartilage still soft and mushy? Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons web site lists us by area.
  • If the softness of your nose is gone, it was probably swelling.
  • If the redness is the big problem now, it's usually temporary. Go back to the laser doctor for his/her advice.
  • Didn't see a doctor when you were treated? Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist with an ND YAG to assess and treat you.

Hope this helps.


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