Do vaginal piercings have to be removed for Tummy tuck?

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Do vaginal piercings have to be removed for Tummy tuck? = yes, any piercing do #tt #tummytuck #piercing

For surgery, any accessory metal of the body like earrings, rings, piercing (e.g vaginal piercing) etc. must be removed from the body to avoid burns. The reason is that during surgery, the surgeons use a device called electrocautery or electro-knife to cut tissues and stop bleeding.  If a metal device is present on the skin when being used, the skin can be burned and therefore leave permanent scarring. That's why the OR nurses usually double check in the pre-op area that the patients the patients have no accessory metal in their body. In my practice, I tell the patients to remove their piercing before going to the operating room at the comfort of their home to prevent delays prior surged and minimize the loos of the piercing while in the hospital /surgery center

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Do vaginal piercings have to be removed for Tummy tuck?

As long as the piercings are not in contact with any conductive material there is no way you could get a burn and therefore there is no need to remove them. We never require earrings or other piercings be removed and have not seen a burn in over 30 years of practice. That one can be relegated to the Old Wives Tale category. 

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Piercing removal pre-op

It is recommended for all piercings to be removed before surgery to lower the risk of sustaining a burn.  Since metallic piercings would transfer current, a burn may result at the piercing site when the cautery is used (which is a device that stops bleeding).

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Thank you for your question.  Yes, we recommend removing all piercings before any surgical procedure.  Make sure to work with a board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure and they will cover all of the important points of your surgery beforehand. 

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Good Idea to Remove Metal Piercings

Dear A new me35,

It is always a good idea to remove any metal piercings in any part of the body because there is a risk of a burn there due to the cautery device sending current through your body.

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Do vaginal piercings have to be removed for Tummy Tuck?

Yes, piercings of any body part, f the parts are made of metal, necessarily need to be removed before a Tummy Tuck procedure is undertaken. Electrocautery is used to stop bleeding during surgery and metal in the body can attract the current and create a burn.  The close proximity of the tummy tuck incision line to the piercing, increase chances of a burn.

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Piercings and surgery

Yes, all piercings must be removed before surgery for safety reasons. But you can speak with your surgeon re: putting your piercings back in while you are in recovery. 
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Piercings with surgery

Removing all metal piercings is the safest thing to do before a plastic surgery operation. There is a risk of burns when cautery devices are used. Often, the OR nurses can remove genital piercings after your go to sleep and replace them before you wake up. Just be sure to let everyone know that the piercings are there! It would be a really bad place for a burn! 

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Thanks for the question! Yes, please remove all piercings before surgery.

I hope this helps.

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I would always advise removing piercings. There are surgical methods of performing surgery without removal although in my opinion this may not be in your best interest. Best to consult with a PS and run through the pros and cons.

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