I have continued numbness 2 weeks after injections. Is this common?

The pain subsided after 3 days, the swelling is subsiding each day, but I am still numb in what is remaining of the swollen area. Does it take several weeks to gain sensation back?

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Numbness Following Kybella Treatment is Common and Temporary

Kybella, the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce "double chin," is a very effective non-invasive procedure, but does have several temporary side effects that are important to be aware of.  While stinging only lasts for about 15 minutes following Kybella injection, there are several other temporary post-treatment effects to consider.  The most common side effect is swelling, which usually lasts several days but can last up to one full month.  Most of my patients also report a feeling of "jiggling" when they walk for several days after treatment.  Numbness and tingling are also very common and can last up to one month.  In the original Kybella studies, subjects were re-treated with Kybella every 4 weeks (anywhere from 3-6 injection treatments were performed), but in clinical practice, most doctors are waiting 6-8 weeks in between treatments, until most side effects have resolved before reinjection.  Waiting 6-8 weeks is a benefit for another reason as well: you may see continued improvement for up to 8 weeks following Kybella treatment.  As a Kybella injection trainer, I advise injectors to let patients know that when Kybella treatments are performed on a Thursday, patients will be ready to return to work and social commitments the following Tuesday, as a rule of thumb.

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The patients are told what to expect after the use of Kybella. Swelling, some minimal redness and numbness can be present and persist for up to thirty days but my patients are experiencing about one week of symptoms.

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Numb after Kybella

Kybella, the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce "double chin," is a very effective non-invasive procedure.  Unfortunately, there are some temporary side effects.  One of the most common side effects is swelling, usually lasting several hours to weeks. The area can also become hard and lumpy.  Numbness and tingling are very common, and can last up to 4-6 weeks. The sensory nerves are temporarily altered from the Kybella, but usually return to normal within 6 weeks at the most.  
In the original Kybella studies, subjects were re-treated with Kybella every 4 weeks (anywhere from 3-6 injection treatments were performed), but in clinical practice, most doctors are waiting 6-8 weeks in between treatments prior to re-injection. During the 6-8 week period, you may see continued improvement, and as swelling and other side effects decrease, results become more evident. 

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Numbness after Kybella injections

Pain, swelling and numbness are all to be expected after Kybella injections as the area experiences a strong inflammatory reaction to the injection/fat cells dissolving. This inflammation and swelling, can push down on the nerves in the area, and as the inflammation subsides, the feeling will come back.

Numbness after injections

The most common reactions post Kybella injections are edema/swelling, hematoma/bruising, pain, numbness, and erythema.  These are all temporary effects that should resolve over time.  If you are concerned with any reactions or side effects it is never a bad idea to schedule a visit with the provider.

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Numbness after Kybella injections

Yes, this is a normal side effect of the Kybella treatment.  Swelling and numbness were the two most common side effects during the patient trials of this drug and numbness was the last to resolve and all patients reported a return of sensation at the end of the study.  Just give it time!

Numbness After Kybella

Numbness can happen after any inflammatory treatment including liposuction in the neck.  It should resolve by 6 weeks if not, I suggest taking oral neurontin.  Venus legacy treatments help to improve the kybella results.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Numbness after treatments

 Nerves have a fatty coding called the myelin sheath.If this fatty coating  is disrupted in anyway nerve conduction is decreased or interrupted.This is referred to as neurapraxia.There are many causes of it.Kybella causes breakdown of fat cells which can include the breakdown of the Myelin sheath around nerves. 

Neurapraxia it's usually always temporary. In your case expect sensation to return within the next month or so.Best,Mats Hagstrom M.D. 

Mats Hagstrom, MD
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Numbness common

Hello, I know the loss of feeling or rather numbness can sometimes cause alarm for many patients. However it is completely normal for a patient to experience this after receiving a Kybella treatment. Most patients stated they had sensitivity in the area treated up to 5 weeks after the injections. Eventually the feeling subsides and the patient's only feeling is joy at their transformation. Best wishes

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Kybella and numbness

Thank you for your question and sharing your experience.  Numbness will take a while to resolve, but it ultimately will.  Although in the studies, patients had their treatments 4 weeks apart, I am recommending that my patients wait 6 weeks to allow all the symptoms resolve.

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