Swelling has increased 6 days after kybella injection. Will my results be the same? (Photo)

I had my first treatment of kybella 6 days ago. My neck has been bruised and swollen but this morning the swelling increased. Also, the doctor who did the injections did not follow the grid pattern I have seen in some of the kybella videos. He randomly injected the kybella to the center of my neck only from the left side. Will the results be the same?

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Kybella Treatment Expectations

Swelling as you describe is probably perfectly normal. The key is to follow up as directed by your injector. Bruising, swelling and mild discomfort can be expected following your treatment. These issues should resolve within 72 hours.  We suggest ice and avoiding over-the-counter supplements such as green tea and Omega 3s and the use of aspirin products.

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Kybella Swelling

This is the major downside of Kybella.  It is the injectable with a real downtime.  It's advantage is that it is nonsurgical, but the discomfort and swelling are consistent.  Best to seek reassurance from your Doctor.

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Swelling After Kybella Treatment Can Last One Month

Swelling is a very common side effect following treatment with Kybella, and is actually a positive sign because inflammation (swelling) is part of what leads to a good result.  Most of the time, swelling lasts about a week, but it's not uncommon for it to last an entire month following injection of Kybella.  The swelling may be accompanied by tingling, numbness, and even a feeling of difficulty swallowing, but is always temporary. There is generally less swelling following subsequent Kybella treatment sessions.  For swelling that is increasing 6 days after treatment, it would be a good idea to schedule a follow-up evaluation with your treating physician to rule out an infection or other cause of increased swelling.

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Kybella injections and swelling

I would recommend you go back in to see your treating physician. Most of my patients do have swelling but it typically improves day by day. Confirm that they are indeed using Kybella. 

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Swelling has increased 6 days after Kybella injection. Will my results be the same?

That is a bit unusual.  See your injector this week.  One does not need to be symmetric in the injections if the fat was not symmetric to begin with.  The procedure allows the injector to sculpt the body part via their injection spacing, depth, and volume of the deoxycholate.  I have personally been injecting it into fat for 10  years, and it is very responsive to technique.  Hope that helps!

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Swelling has increased 6 days after kybella injection. Will my results be the same?

It is normal for swelling to increase the first 3-4 days after Kybella injections. If you are concern call or visit your injector. Hope this helps,

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as much as I respect Kybella injections, I have to say its so much easier for me to just take the fat out and sculpt the jawline with only a 2-mm tiny injection mark. no scarring no long post-procedure healing. and its a 1 time procedure. having said that, best would be to make sure you follow up with your doctor, let them know of this unexpected finding. and follow their instructions. all the best

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Kybella swelling

Each of my patients has had a variable amount of swelling after Kybella lasting anywhere from 2 to 14 days.  For your particular concern, I would contact the treating physician.

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Swelling after Kybella

I tell my patients to expect swelling and jiggling for 2-4 weeks. Numbness lasts about 6 weeks. And then there are lumps and bumps for up to 8 weeks as well. Swelling does not fully resolve for a few months so i don't re-inject for a few months.

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What to Expect After Kybella Treatments

Kybella is a new injectable approved by the FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe fat under the chin; double chin.  Allergan makes recommendations on the injection protocol, however, a skilled provider might inject without the use of the templated grid . The subcutaneous fat is directed injected and amounts of Kybella is 
"feathered" to prevent a noticable difference on either side of the targeted area. Swelling and bruising can me minimized with ice, Ibuprofen and a chin strap for compression immediately after treatment.

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