Which is Better Cure for Pimples, Accutane or Laser Therapy Treatment?

Hi! I'm 23 and having pimples for 1 year. I'm thinking to take accutane as my pimples don't get any better after trying a lot of topical medication and any other oral antibiotics. I did try laser therapy for 1month and it seemed better result but it only lasted for few weeks. My question are : 1. Which is a better cure for pimples? is it laser therapy or Accutane ? 2. Can I take it as a major cure for my pimples and leave all topical medication (eg: Benzoyl peroxide,Salicylic acid)?

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Accutane best for severe nodular acne

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Accutane has the highest "cure" rate for severe acne, but there can be reasons why patients look for an alternative. Isolaz, Cooltouch and Smoothbeam are often very effective, but they require a series, not just one treatment. So, I'd say Accutane is best, but laser series do have a place in treatment options. Good luck.

The best treatment for acne

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The best treatment for the most severe and recalcitrant case of acne remains "Accutane". Nothing offers a true cure but Accutane comes closest to forever controlling acne. Some patients require more than one treatment course. It has many side effects and needs to be monitored closely by an experienced dermatologist. Laser does not provide a cure and is controversial as to it's benefits with acne.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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