Crown Work During Invisalign Okay?

I would like to replace three crowns in my upper teeth and the process will probably take about three to four weeks. The temporary and permanent crowns will affect the fit of the trays and ordering new trays probably will take a minimum of a couple of weeks. How can I get crown dental work done without jeopardizing my Invisalign progress? I will have to deal with a few weeks of not having a tray that fits for the temp crowns or the permanent crowns. Please advise.

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Crown Work During Invisalign

 When patients are doing Invisalign they can always stop treatment if they need crowns, and fillings replacement. A procedure called Mid course correction takes place when situations like this happens. It is true that it will delay Invisalign treatment,but sometimes if necessary to get the crowns work first. Ask your dentist if you can wait until you are finished with Invisalign and then do the replacement. You can always do retainers with new impressions sent to Invisalign after crowns are done. Again consult with your dentist what is best in your case , both options are valuable.

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Crown Work During Invisalign Okay?

Doing crown work during Invisalign may cause you extra time in orthodontic treatment.  Also, it would be better for your bite to have the crowns done after your orthodontic treatment.  Thus, if you have decay, discuss with your dentist the option of doing a filling first, and postponing the crowns until later.  However, if the problem is severe it may be best to do the crown and have the orthodontist take new impressions afterwards, and rework your invisalign treatment plan.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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