I Just Had the Permanent Crowns Fitted for my Front Two Teeth. The Right Front Tooth Looks Slightly Larger and Not As Straight?

my original right front tooth pushes out slightly and the smaller tooth next to it pushes back slightly as well. I was told if I go private the material can be thinner so they shouldn't look large or push out. I was very happy with my temporary ones. What options do I have at getting either my permanent crowns to look as good as the temporary ones did? Can she curve it at all? Is it too late to get braces? If i did would the right one still look larger?

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Having your permanent crowns fitted for your two front teeth.

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Hello Kevin,

The permanent crowns should be fitted and straight for a natural look. If your permanent crowns are not as your temporary ones, then you should express your concern to your dentist so she can fix them to fit as perfect as possible. You're paying for a service and you deserve the best outcome!

Two front crowns are not straight and symmetrical

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Without seeing any photos I recommend returning to your dentist so that you can express your concerns and ask if that is the best looking crowns that can be done considering the original position and alignment of your teeth before he started the treatment.  Most of the time, the teeth can be made in alignment, equally proportioned, same width and thickness, but often times the gums might be at different levels.

Usually the temporaries are not quite as refined as the permanent crowns, so this surprises me that the temporaries looked better than the final porcelain crowns.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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