Creating a Cleft Chin - Can It Be Done?

Is there a reliable method for creating a cleft chin? A groove cut in a chin implant didn't work for me, -the flesh on top the implant just bridged across the groove. Two other attempts were made by removing tissue to create a "ditch" under the skin, but failed. I'd like to give it another try. How would you go about it?

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Creating A Chin Cleft Using An Implant

Simply placing a grooved chin implant never creates an external chin cleft in my experience. That looks great on the implant but doesn't translate to the visible result. Removing soft tissue alone also does not work well for the very reason that you described. To reliably get a vertical chin cleft, the implant has to be clefted down to the bone, tissue removed, and the tissue sewn down deep into the clefted implant with a small 1.5mm suture bone anchor device. 

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Cleft Chin

After three failed attempts at creating a satisfactory cleft chin, you probably have a significant amount of scar tissue in that area that may forever prevent a good result.  Hope this helps...RAS

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