What Cream/treatment/supplement if Slow Healing After Laser Resurfacing?

Hello, I have laser resurfacing 8 weeks ago. My derm says I have slow healing and state that my skin is too sensitive (very fair skin). What treatments do you recommend?

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Supplements for slow motion healing

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Slow healing may be due to a variety of factors.  First, it depends on what laser was used.  Fractionation is faster than resurfacing and Erbium is faster than CO2.  Next, it depends on how well you have been taking care of your skin.  I have always seen that the folks that are the most attentive to their frequency of cleaning and application of the ointment or other immediate skin care products will heal faster.  If you are on oral steroids or recently had injections, such as a pain block, that will slow healing.  I mention this because they interfere with epithelialization,which is the healing process you need to be progressing faster at this stage.  High doses of Vitamin A (such as 15,000 units) can help if you take daily until healed.  This can also help with the slowing caused by steroids.  You need good nutrition and adequate protein in your diet to heal by making good, strong collagen, one of your main structural proteins.  Vitamin C and some minerals are also needed to make good collagen, so you may wish to add these to your supplement list.  Arnica montana may help with swelling and discoloration, even at this stage, unless you have been taking already for a while.  Proteolytic enzymes have also been shown to help healing such as Bromelain.  I have had patients that regularly eat fresh pineapple or juice instead of the supplement pill form.  I hope these help!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Post Laser Resurfacing Recovery Treatment

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Thank you for your question. At this point, sunscreen, and a tolerated moisturizer. Skin Ceuticals, Skin Medical, Obagi, La Roche Posay are common names with good reputations who have post peel products which should work. I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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