Ballpark Cost of Targeted Laser Resurf for Area Above Mouth?

I am 63. I would like to have targeted laser resurfacing of the many vertical lines above the mouth (caused by years of smoking ... sigh) but I need to know a rough, approximate cost before I even schedule a consultation, so I don't waste anyone's time. Can you provide a ballpark estimate and also, give me an idea of how long the results last? Thank you for your time and attention.

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Resurfacing around the mouth


The periorbital area is one of the most common facial areas for which I treat patients in my practice.  I use the Sciton Joule Erbium laser for resurfacing of this area and will almost always combine this with a lighter resurfacing of the entire face at the same time.  

Depending on the depth of the resurfacing needed to address your concerns the cost will typically range from 1500 - 4000 and may be performed under topical and local anesthetic.  

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Laser Resurfacing Costs for Area above mouth

Depending on the modality and the areas to be lasered, the cost will be $500 - $5000 per treatment with the norm being between $1000 to $2000. I would not purchase a package as you generally want an experienced laser specialist to utilize different modalities depending on how you are responding to treatment and if there are any changes to your lifestyle.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Total FX for upper lip wrinkles

Jan you look like a perfect candidate for Total FX fractionated C02 laser resurfacing to the periroral area. This is the most powerful and effective resurfacing laser available in the world. And even non-smokers get the same problem. First we would do a pass with Deep FX to stimulate collagen formation in the deepest parts of your skin using a minimally ablative process. With your fair complexion, and relatively long upper lip, I would prefer to be agressive and then use an ablative pass with settings that are minimally fractionated (Max FX)  so that more wrinkles are eliminated. Additionally your upper lip would shorten slightly with the added benefit of creating fuller a more youthful vermillion (red portion) of it. A skin care regimen with Retin-A for at least 3 weeks is important to prepare your skin for shorter healing time - less than one week. Botox is reccomended 2 weeks prior to treatment. Cost is $2000 excluding Botox and before + after skincare products, approximately $500. The results will last a lifetime, ie the area will always look better than if you hadn't had the laser, but you may want to repeat in 2 to 5 years, especially if you continue smoking.

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Laser resurfacing mouth

The cost will depend on the type of ablative laser that will be used. There are 3 types: Erbium, YSGG, and CO2. I use both CO2 and YSGG, finding the YSGG better.You should have Botox injections 2 week before the laser treatment to maximize the results.  If you get cold sores you will require Valtrex medication. It can be done under local anesthesia, but if you want sedation it will cost you more.

Do you still smoke?

Different areas of the country will charge more or less. In Toronto, we  charge 2500-4500 depending on the area lasered. ie upper lip only mouth area

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