Cost of Chin Implant/ Jaw Angle Implants in NYC

I have a very weak jawline and have been looking for the cost of mandibular angle implants and chin implants in NYC but found very extremely different prices. I know it differs from surgeon to surgeon but a 9000$ difference seems like too much. I am trying to get my jawline to look like brad pitt in the photo. How much do you think that would cost in NYC or in Northern NJ. Do you personally know a reputable doctor in NYC that can perform this surgery for a decent/ fair amount. Thanks in advance!

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Jaw implant prices. sometimes you get what you pay for

Sometimes you get what you pay for. I would be leery of going to someone that offers the cheapest price for many reasons.  The most expensive may not be the best either. You have to make a judgement based on other factors. Get multiple opinions first though before choosing someone. Jaw implants can make you look a lot better and they can masculinize your face to a significant degree. 

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