Can Silicone Implants Affect Hormone Levels?

Hi,I'm a men 22 years,I have a silicon chin implant,I was very preocupied when I listen something about the problems silicon implants can give for mens,I want to know if this implant can alterate possibly,hormone levels,or liberate strange substances,or in hot places,on the beach for example,the heat directly on this implant can cause me future problems? Xenoestrogens,Bisfenol-A and others types of substances can be find in this implants? Thank you!

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Silicone Implants should not affect hormone levels

No, these are solid, soft silicone implants without any gel or liquid silicone to leak out.  Think of a soft piece of plastic...they are not like silicone breast implants.

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Silicone Chin Implant Safety

There has been a lot of research done on this topic and no history or patterns that indicate any adverse health effects from chin implants.  

In my own practice, I have never seen or heard of any kind of hormonal issues as a result of a silicone chin implant.  The most common complications, which are fairly rare when done by an experienced plastic surgeon, are infections, or shifting/movement for patients who get hit in the face either during sports or car accident, etc. 

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Are Silicone Implants Safe?

The implant moratorium was started in 1992 because of misinformation and fear.  Over the ensuing 14 years ten's of thousands of women with and without silicone implants were studied for any medical issues.  No medical issues were found in women with silicone implants.  Silicone is and has always been inert-it won't do anything to you. 

Regardless of this implant manufacturers made the silicone more cohesive so that should the shell rupture the gel would not spread much.  This means that the implants, that were already safe, become even safer.

So no worries.  Silicone breast implants are totally safe.

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Silicone Chin Implants are Safe

Silicone chin implants do not affect hormone levels.  The outside temperature does not affect the integrity of the implant once implanted.


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Silicone implants

Silicone implants is the most studied device in the history of medicine. After 15 years of studies and scrutiny by the FDA. The FDA came back to state there is no disease associated with silicone.

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Silicone ijmplants and auto immune disease.

According to many studies evaluating silicone breast implants, there are no known identified diseasese or adverse health effects such as automimmune diesease.

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