I Had a Root Canal a Couple Years Ago and the Gums Around my Crown Swell Every Time I Eat Meat Like Steak. What is Causing This?

Aside from the swelling, it is extremely painful to chew when food gets in between the crown and touches my swollen gums. Also my gums are receding the crown in that i see black at the gum line of my crown. I have no idea what is happening. Eating harder foods is very difficult! Help!

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Gum Swelling Around Crown When Eating

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I believe that you have an open contact between your dental crown and one of the teeth adjacent to it.  When you eat tough foods like meat it is getting caught in between your crowns and irritating the gum tissue.  This can be a big problem over time.  The crown may need to be replaced to close the contact.  This will take care of the problem immediately.  Good luck.  

Poorly fitting crown

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The crown has an open contact. When you eat food it slides down between that tooth and the one next to it causing pressure on the gum. Also the area called the margin where the crown seals the tooth at the gumline is overbulked causing gum swelling. Due to this inflammation the gum is receding away from the crown and the black line is the metal that is under the porcelain. The crown needs to be redone. You can get an all porcelain crown that is more cosmetic and has no metal underneath. Be sure to choose your dentist wisely. Dentistry is no place to cut corners with prices.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
Santa Monica Dentist

Gums sweeling

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there could be several options, but one that you should take care, if there is a gum pocket, and this is causing also gum receding,and inflamation,so take an x-ray, and check that crown, if its not a recent, one, could not be the crown, just a periodontal problem, and there are many ways to solve this,

Sounds like you need a new crown!

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Hi Happy Cookie...I am sorry to hear that you are anxious and in pain. Your crown is the cause of the problem. When you chew, some of the food slides down between the tooth teeth and puts pressure on the gum. Where the tooth and gum line come in contact is called the margin. The crown was not prepped correctly and it is too big at the base . The black line you are seeing is the metal under the porcelain cover of the crown. It is a porcelain on metal, and under the gum line, when it recedes far enough, you will see it. You need to see the dentist and have it redone correctly and placed properly. Also I would have an all porcelain crown either E Max or Zironcia done. It is much more esthetically pleasing. Also I would suggest you get a second opinion from anther dentist. You might want to change up!  Warm Regards and Best of Luck!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Why Does My Gums Around My Crown Swell When I Eat?

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A swelling around a root canal tooth can mean that your root canal is failing.  However, like the other dentists have stated, it is most likely because the crown on the root canal tooth does not fit properly, possibly the tooth has drifted and moved, opening up a space.  Advise returning to your dentist and he/she should be able to diagnose your problem and give you suggestions as to how the gum problem can be treated and resolved.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Cannot Chew Steak on Root Canal / Crowned Tooth

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You should see a dentist to X-ray and examine the tooth. Sounds like the crown might have a poorly fitting/shaped margin.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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