I have just gotten my mole removed yesterday; it was shaved. Can I use Vaseline to moisturize it? Can I use Dove soap to wash it

When my dermatologist shaved my mole off my forehead he didn't give me specific direction about aftercare. They were busy and they rushed when he finished. So far I've put Vaseline on it almost every 4 hours and kept a bandage on it. I need further instructions.

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I suggest a silicone based scar gel with growth factors. Vaseline on top at bedtime.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Wound care

That is unfortunate. Here is a copy of the post of instructions we provide for our cyst, mole or beauty mark removal.Wound Care
  • • Dressings are to be kept clean and dry. A small amount of clear drainage or bleeding is normal. If the ace wrap feels too tight, you may loosen it and re-wrap it.
  • • You may remove the ace bandage and dressing on the second day following surgery. The dressing may be removed all the way down to the stitches. Please leave the stitches intact. You may re-cover them with 4 x 4 gauze pads and tape or a large Band-Aid.
  • • You may get the incision wet when showering 2 days after surgery. The shower should be brief and the wound patted dry with a clean towel. No baths or soaking the incision until your stiches have been removed.
  • • If purulent drainage (thick white or greenish in color) is coming from the wound, or the wound has increasing redness, or if you are having a temperature of 101 or higher, please report these symptoms to your surgeon. 
Pain and Swelling
  • • To lessen pain and swelling, you may ice the surgical area for the first 1-3 days after surgery. Put the ice in a zip lock bag or towel and place over the surgical site. We recommend 20 minutes, 2-3 times per day.
  • • Narcotic pain medication will be prescribed for use after you leave the hospital.(if necessary) Try to wean down as tolerated. These medications can cause constipation and you may want to use an over-the-counter stool softener. Tylenol products or medications such as Aleve or Motrin (anti-inflammatory) may be used instead of the prescribed pain medication, and this is encouraged if you are not having much pain. The prescribed narcotic medications should not be taken at the same time as plain Tylenol. If a refill of medication is needed, please call the doctor.
  • • Swelling to some degree is common after surgery. To reduce swelling, elevation is very helpful. Elevate the hand above the heart level for the first few days after surgery. Elevation for 30 minutes every 2-3 hours is a good initial recommendation. Excessive pain and swelling should be reported to your surgeon. When you sleep, try to keep the hand elevated on a pillow. 
  • • To drive you must no longer be taking narcotic pain pills (plain Tylenol is allowed). Also, you must feel strong and alert.
Hope this helps. Best of Luck,

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