How long will my facial mole recover? (photos)

I've removed my moles 2 weeks ago and they weren't big. Instead they were pretty tiny, yet still noticable. After a while I found that they left dark spots behind. I used something that I can't really name but can describe: Its white and makes your moles small dark and wrinkle & turn hard till it falls off. READ THIS: I'v been in the sun without knowing I wasn't suppose to the 1st week. Ive used a bunch of mosturizer, lotion, and vaseline but doesnt work..

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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation -- Skin Lightening, Light Peels, microsecond YAG

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It takes 3-6 months for post inflammatory changes to go away.  Peels, lasers and lightening creams can be used as an alternative.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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