Dry Nipples After Breast Augmentation Revision / Lift

Is It Common for my Nipples to Be Very Dry After Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Redo? I Had my Procedure a Week Ago.Also, the crease incisions are very itchy ugh! is there anything to alleviate this problem?

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Dry skin is typical after breast lift augmentation

Skin dryness and flaking and itch is very normal after breast implants, breast lift, and other common cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift. Scar fade cremes are a hot topic, though during the first several weeks after your procedure we emphasize skin lotions which are hypoallergenic and encourage moisture in the skin to relieve the dryness and the itch. After four to six weeks a scar creme like Mederma may be an appropriate choice.

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Nipples Post Breast Augmentation

Congratulations on completing your surgery.Dry nipples are very normal after breast surgery.When this happens, you can use moisturizers, creams, or ointments to help add moisture to the skin in the area.I would keep the creams off the incisions until your surgeon says it’s ok.I hope this helps.

Eugene Kim, MD
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Normal Wound Healing

Dryness, itching and flaking, which is isolated to the wound, is almost always related to normal wound healing.When this situation arises, a variety of treatment options exist including wound healing creams, Benadryl cream and moisturizing creams.
It’s important to consult your plastic surgeon when this type of situation arises.Your surgeon can rule out infection and allergic reactions which are also occasionally associated with these symptoms in the post-operative period.In the vast majority of patients these symptoms are self-limited and resolve with passage of time.

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Dry and itching nipples after breast augmentation.

Having dryness and itchy nipples following breast augmentation is not uncommon. A simple over the counter skin moisturizer can help significantly. Hydrocortisone cream also works well. Be sure that the incisions are well healed prior to use of these products.

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Dry skin and nipples is not uncommon after breast lift

Dryness of the skin and nipples is not uncommon after breast augmentation and or breast lift. Itching is also very common and both are temporary problems. Over the count moisturizer will help with the dryness and hydrocortisone cream can be used for the itching once the wounds have healed.

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Dry nipples

The soap and antiseptic agents used in surgery often cause excessive dryness for a short time after surgery.  Check with your surgeon, but I recommend a moisturizing lotion to alleviate the dryness.  The itching of the incision is a sign of healing.  Topical benadryl can be somewhat helpful.


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Dry itchy nipples

Dry nipple following surgery is not common in my practice. Maybe they are chaffed from the dressings and just feel dry. Itching is common following any surgery and indicates healing of your incision lines. I see itching approximately one to two weeks following surgery. For the most part, this is a good sign as it indicates healing. You may try an anti-itching cream such as Benadryl which is over the counter. Please contact your plastic surgeon for more specific advice and recommendations regarding anti itching medication.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Dry Skin after breast augmentation

Yes dry, itchy skin is common after procedures and can have many causes.  Often patients will start using antibacterial soaps with tend to over dry skin, others can have a low grade reaction to the adhesives in steristrips, yet others can just have some flaking after the swelling starts to subside. If you are really bothered by the itching contact your PS and make sure you are not having an allergic reaction.

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Dry nipples and itchiness

Dry nipples are not very normal after surgeyr, but itchiness at the incision line is.  Talk to your doctor about treatment.

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Itchy and Dry after Breast Augmentation

Itchiness after surgery is quite common.  This is probably related to small skin nerves sending signals after surgery.  I would consult with your surgeon, given that it has only been a week, about the itchiness. Sometimes pain medications also can cause itchiness.

Jeff Scott, MD
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