Clear & Brilliant laser for wrinkles and fine lines under the eye and crows feet?

I have a lot of volume loss, loose and sagging skin in my face. I also have spent years outdoors without proper skin protection and have been a smoker. My derm. suggested a Clear & Brilliant treatment to help with collagen production, reduce the wrinkles around the eyes (my biggest concern) and help with the overall skin texture. However, increased collagen production and reduced wrinkles are NOT advertised on the Clear & Brilliant website. Will a treatment really help?

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Clear and Brilliant would not be optimal for this situation

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There are so many tools in our arcenal against sun damage and the cosmetic concerns it causes. Clear and brilliant, in my opinion, is optimal as a tool early on to prevent skin changes. I typically recommend it for my under 40 patients and my post-Fraxel patients who might want a collagen building booster in a year or so. For older patients, with more extensive damage that has gone untreated, I prefer to be more aggressive and use Fraxel Dual, or even CO2 fractional, if the situation warrants. It is important to see a doctor who can give you options so you can get the treatment best for you.

Wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, the Clear and Brilliant does increase the permeability in the skin. What this means is it allows products and treatments to penetrate much deeper into the dermis. This will allow for collagen synthesis to occur and help with signs of aging. Although, it will not significantly tighten the skin. You can expect  your skin to have a more even complexion and renewed ultra soft texture. By having this, you will feel slightly tighter and achieve a radiant youthful glow. I hope this helped answer your question. 

Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatments for Wrinkles, Tone and Texture

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CLEAR & BRILLIANT and the PERMEA is a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin. The laser is a safe, non-surgical option with little-to-no downtime after treatments. Skin tone and texture is noticeably improved after each treatment and best of all, it is safe f or all skin types and the treatment of melasma.

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