After Clear and Brilliant Treatment, is Microdermabrasion Recommended or Necessary a Week After the Treatment? (photo)

I got my first clear and brilliant treatment Yesterday in the hopes of fading my acne discolorations and improve skin tone. My aesthetician asked me to follow my treatment with microdermabrasion the following week. While researching about the C+B, I didnt find anybody reviewing that they had a microdermabration after. Am I just being sold too many treatments or is it recommended to have a microdermabrasion a week after every C+B treatment?

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Microdermabrasion after Clear + Brilliant

Hello and thank  you for your inquiry. Yes a microdermabrasion treatment will be very helpful after your Clear and Brilliant treatment.  We recommend this at our Med Spa as well. By days 2-4 you skin should start to feel somewhat like sandpaper. If you have more of a sensitive skin type I would wait 10-14 days before doing a microdermabrasion treatment. I do not feel you are being oversold treatments. Microdermabrasion or Dermablading is an excellent post treatment after Clear & Brilliant to remove the excess dead skin and to promote the healthy new skin to the surface.  Good Luck with your results! I hope this helped answer your questions.

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