Clear and Brilliant Vs IPL?

I am debating between a series of clean and brilliant or IPL's. What is best for large pores and firmness? I do also have some blotchy skin tones but main focus is firmness and reduction as much as possible or pores. Thank you

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I get this question every day

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This is a GREAT quesion. There are so many devices. I have and use both Clear and Brilliant and IPL regularly in my practice. A board certified dermatologist with a variety of technologies is always the best for guiding these choices. In general IPL is great for redness mixed with brown discoloration in someone wishing mild textural improvement. Clear and Brilliant is more for brown and texture and is best reserved for those without significant redness as a concern. Based on the limited information and without seeing you, it sounds like C and B is best choice.

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Clear + Brilliant vs IPL

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry about Clear and Brilliant. If you would really like to focus on the pore size of your skin, the IPL WILL NOT target that issue. IPL is mainly for redness, brown spots and hyperpigmentation. IPL is superficial laser treatment. With a series of Clear and Brilliant treatments this will definitely help minimize your pore size and smoothen out your texture. In addition, it will improve the blotchy skin you have mentioned as a concern. During a series, we have the advantage to increase our modalities and alter our setting properties. This allows us to go deeper and to achieve optimal results that you want and need. I hope this helped answer your question. 

Clear and Brilliant Vs IPL's?

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Hi Sue.  Clear & Brilliant looks like a new device from Solta.  The problem with the device is that the company does not provide any details on the website of what wavelength of light it is or how it works (scientifically).  If you are concerned with firmness, we would most likely recommend a laser resurfacing procedure that has some downtime like Profractional or other fractional device.  Every consumer wants to have great results and no downtime, the problem is that it's not realistic. if you look at the company's own before and after pictures for Clear and Brilliant, we did not find them that compelling.  We are also in Los Angeles and offer a comprehensive suite of laser and injection services to improve your skin.  See the link below.  

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Wavelengths 1440 nm and 1927 nm Treatments for Skin Firmness and Skin Texture and Pores

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CLEAR & BRILLIANT and the PERMEA is a revolutionary, gentle laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to fight the effects of aging skin. The laser is a safe, non-surgical option with little-to-no downtime after treatments. Skin tone and texture is noticeably improved after each treatment and best of all, it is safe for all skin types and the treatment of melasma.    Not all IPLs have the ability to reach the wavelengths that are safe for darker or ethnic skin.

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