Yes or No to Clear and Brilliant Lazer?

I'm 28 and have olive skin that is extremely prone to pigmentation. My esthetician wants to use the Clear and Brilliant lazer on my face. I'm interested in getting this done to remove acne scars and reduce pore size, but I am scared it may damage my skin causing more harm than good. My esthetician works in a dermatologist office and said she performed many of these treatments without problems. Because I have sensitive skin that is prone to pigmentation, is this lazer right for me?

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Clear and Brilliant Laser

Ask if you can see the dermatologist for an evaluation. Many acne scars are too deep to be treated with any type of laser, ablative or not. Many aestheticians don't know this because their training isn't in this type of care. So, consult with the actual dermatologist, and then decide what's right for your skin.

Clear and brilliant for pore size

Clear and Brilliant works well on all types of skin to improve texture and pore and overall skin quality. However, it does not penetrate deeply enough to remove acne scars. I prefer eMatrix for this type of scars with your skin type. This is why it is so important to consult with a board certified dermatologist to get the correct treatment and best results and advice.

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